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Bring the Christmas Spirit to the Washroom

Before this Christmas time of year, maximize your home's home decor potential by beautifying the bathroom. There are several ways to integrate bathroom decor into the theme of one's Christmas decor. Bathrooms typically look their best when a theme is decided upon for seasonal furnishing and all the decor pieces and colors center around that theme. 

Examples of interesting themes you could use are Victorian Christmas, classic Christmas or maybe a traditional nativity theme. Decorations are offered already developed, or can be hand-crafted by selecting one of a plethora of suggestions seen in craft stores. Look at purchasing accents that are available in a single color, and hand crafting your own festive accents on them. This allows you to be innovative!

One outstanding solution to help to make any restroom more merry in time for Christmas is to display attractive Christmas fragrant air fresheners, holiday scent diffusers or holiday potpourri inside a decorative container. These fragrances permeate a cozy, festive smell to the restroom. Traditional holiday aromas, like cinnamon and peppermint, work great in any holiday restroom d├ęcor

Placing lovely holiday hand towels and wash cloths in the restroom give a timeless, pleasant touch. You will find tons of unique patterns and types of christmas bathroom towels. Making use of themed linens in the powder room is an easy and cheap technique to raise the joyous impression of your home. 

There are also holiday inspired floor mats along with shower curtains for the bathroom. Remember, if it's hard to track down any holiday decorations you want, think about adorning them by yourself! Christmas ornaments dangled on the shower curtain rod can also add elaborate and themed details.

Make sure to shop for soap holders and soap pumps that match your chosen holiday design. Soap dishes and pumps are yet another easy and cost-effective method to expand the Christmas spirit into the bathroom. 

Pictures are yet another decorating touch for washrooms. While photographs can feature exquisite Christmas designs, you may also craft your own by making use of artsy photographs from reused holiday greeting cards and beautifully distinctive hand-made photo frames. Another solution is to take existing pictures in the bathroom and wrap them with holiday present gift wrapping paper, which will make the photo hanging on the wall resemble a Christmas gift. It would look cute to add a bow to the wrapped picture frame. Winter decor for your bathroom can enhance the room and add splashes of festive moods.

Depending on the amount of room offered in the restroom, miniature Christmas trees are certainly excellent design pieces. They can be displayed on the floor near the tub or on any roomy restroom shelf. If you collect small Christmas figures, set them up on a display. Or, try adorning the mirror with garland or greenery. Make sure you enjoy yourself and be creative with your decor! 

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